A Fresh, Digitally-Enabled Approach

A Fresh Approach

Given the number of clinical trials that are behind on target enrollment goals and timelines, it’s clear that new approaches are needed for patient recruitment. Patients are routinely inundated with untargeted information, unclear clinical trial value propositions and a lack of a patient-centric approach. Additionally, too many unqualified patients are often sent to overwhelmed sites, leaving both sites and patients frustrated and unable to move through the process efficiently and effectively.

PatientCentra leverages a different approach, where digitally-enabled, carefully planned and monitored patient journeys serve as a model for reinventing patient recruitment. Our unrivaled digital experience and unique tools have helped more than a million patients through our tailored, patient-centered process. Let us show you how we can apply this proven, effective approach for your patient recruitment and enrollment needs.

Need an Effective, Trusted Patient Recruitment and Enrollment Solution?

Whether you’re currently running a study and have enrollment challenges, or you’re planning a study and want to be sure that you have the information that you need to avoid potential recruitment and enrollment challenges, we’re happy to help.

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience and proven results, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) truly understand the potential challenges, concerns and considerations of your program. We can help to provide you with the information and solutions that you need to be most successful for your program, the sites and the patients.

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Full-Service, End-to-End Process

End-to-End Process

PatientCentra goes well beyond just generating patient interest or even providing initial patient pre-qualification. Leveraging both people and technology (including our proprietary Performance Portal™ Patient Tracking & Management System), we provide a coordinated system of personal follow-up and support for patients. Our System ensures patients are properly informed, educated, qualified, and efficiently moved through the pipeline to trial enrollment. Of particular focus is the downstream funnel management (past online pre-screening and all the way through to final patient disposition) where call center and investigator site response follow-up are key to maximizing the throughput of qualified patients. The end result is a seamless process for patients and a more efficient one for sponsors and sites.

See how our end-to-end process tripled the online pre-screened to randomized patient conversion for a top 5 pharma client.

Customer Testimonials


The Study Team was impressed and appreciated PatientCentra's contributions to the trial.”

— Clinical Manager, "Top 5" Pharma Company


With the cost efficiencies PatientCentra drove, we ended up allotting nearly all of our budget to digital and kept our trial right on schedule.”

— Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory, Dermatology Sponsor Company


I have really enjoyed working with PatientCentra these last few years. I can't believe it's been 2 years for the digital piece.”

— Clinical Project Leader, "Top 5" Pharma Company


In a tough COPD study, PatientCentra helped generate 41 qualified patient referrals in our first 3 months, with at least a couple of enrolled patients and a definitive positive return on investment.”

— Research Director, US Pulmonary Site


PatientCentra patient referrals were much higher quality than any other vendor that we have worked with.”

— Clinical Study Coordinator, US Endocrinology Site

Global Reach/ Compliance

Global Reach/ Compliance

PatientCentra has the experience and regulatory infrastructure to support your global patient recruitment needs. We have executed digitally-enabled patient recruitment programs on 5 different continents including North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia (including Japan and China). We are certified through a leading data privacy consultancy to ensure our practices comply with global data privacy regulations including HIPAA/HITECH (US), GDPR (EU), PIPEDA (Canada), CBPR (APEC), APPs (Australia), APPI (Japan), China CSL and more.


Social Media & Clinical Trial Recruitment


This white paper explores the efficacy of social media advertising, Facebook in particular, as an engine for clinical trial recruitment. Learn how to leverage the platform’s advanced targeting capabilities and massive audience to improve enrollment outcomes while simultaneously reducing operational costs.


Performance-Based Pricing


At PatientCentra, we put our money where our mouth is…with performance-based pricing models where a significant portion of program fees are only incurred once we produce pre-screened and enrolled/randomized patients. We don’t produce, you don’t pay. And just as importantly, we mix this low risk approach to pricing with an ability to produce results at scale. Our programs often contribute up to (or more than) 20% of a clinical trial’s randomization target. We include projected enrollment contributions and pro forma cost estimates on a monthly basis, so you’ll always know what to expect, and when to expect it.