Call Center


When pre-screened patients are identified through patient recruitment efforts, it is critical to respond to those patients quickly and appropriately.  PatientCentra utilizes locally-based call centers to respond quickly (within one day), frequently (if necessary) and compassionately to ensure patients are carefully explained the study burden, requirements and process.  Call center personnel are mostly former investigator site coordinators with the requisite understanding of the process, are able to spend time further pre-screening patients, address scheduling and travel concerns, and otherwise help patients determine if it is suitable to take the next step.

PatientCentra leverages our Performance Portal™ Patient Tracking & Management System and Site Response Monitoring to track and monitor the performance of our call center, ensuring appropriate responsiveness, success in connecting with patients, and ability to refer and schedule on those patients meeting study criteria for their screening appointment.

Customer Testimonials


The Study Team was impressed and appreciated PatientCentra's contributions to the trial.”

— Clinical Manager, "Top 5" Pharma Company


With the cost efficiencies PatientCentra drove, we ended up allotting nearly all of our budget to digital and kept our trial right on schedule.”

— Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory, Dermatology Sponsor Company


I have really enjoyed working with PatientCentra these last few years. I can't believe it's been 2 years for the digital piece.”

— Clinical Project Leader, "Top 5" Pharma Company


In a tough COPD study, PatientCentra helped generate 41 qualified patient referrals in our first 3 months, with at least a couple of enrolled patients and a definitive positive return on investment.”

— Research Director, US Pulmonary Site


PatientCentra patient referrals were much higher quality than any other vendor that we have worked with.”

— Clinical Study Coordinator, US Endocrinology Site

Site Recruitment Support


We know that sites are busy, and we’re here to help.  We make it as easy as possible for them to work with us, and to use our support/systems as a tool, rather than a burden.  Working together with us, we enable sites to do what they do best - see patients.

Once a patient is referred to a site, it is critical that their progress be followed closely to ensure that no patients “fall through the cracks”.  We offer resources to support sponsor and site recruitment efforts that leverage our technology to do just that.  This ensures expeditious and efficient processing of all new patient referrals. And, if any unforeseen issues come up at a site, we are here to provide proactive assistance with anything which may affect processing new patient referrals

Lastly, we manage the data collection/updating process in our Performance Portal™ so that study teams/sponsors have real-time access/reporting for each site’s performance and contributions.


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Patient Transportation


Given the difficulty and cost of finding protocol-compliant patients, it is critical to eliminate barriers which negatively affect their participation. Specifically, many patients wish to participate in clinical trials, but are unable simply because they don’t have a ride or easy way to get to their screening appointment.

PatientCentra can provide patient transportation options that address patient safety, privacy and scheduling concerns, while making sure those patients get to the all-important first screening visit(s).


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Project Management


PatientCentra provides dedicated project managers to be that single point of contact for sponsors and a liaison to direct the efforts of our internal teams. Project managers work closely with sponsors to adjust to constantly evolving trial scenarios and to confirm our programs are meeting established recruitment goals, budgets and timelines. Through ongoing communication and collaboration, we work hard to make sure your patient recruitment program is executed on-time and on-budget and get you to ‘fully enrolled’ status as quickly as possible.