Clinical Trial Participation, Clinical Trials, Data Analytics

RWE Won't Replace Clinical Trials — But It Can Improve Them

  • December 10, 2019
  • Dan Stempel
  • 4 Minute read

Although real world evidence (RWE) is gaining steam in the healthcare industry, it doesn’t pose a threat to traditional [....]

privacy, Data Analytics, Patient Centricity

How Sponsors and CROs Can Make Clinical Trial Data More Accessible

  • December 3, 2019
  • Bruce Gould
  • 3 Minute read

Sponsors and CROs can improve patient centricity and boost clinical trial recruitment by developing better data-sharing [....]

patient recruitment, Clinical Trials, Data Analytics

Using Data to Boost Patient Enrollment and Improve Clinical Trial Design

  • June 26, 2019
  • Bruce Gould
  • 3 Minute read

Data analytics can help make clinical trials more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centric.

Wearable Technology, Clinical Trials, privacy, Data Analytics

It's Time for Clearer Data Standards in Clinical Trials

  • June 28, 2018
  • Dan Stempel
  • 3 Minute read

The way clinical trials use patient data is rapidly changing, revealing a need for increased privacy regulations and [....]

Clinical Trials, privacy, Data Analytics, Patient Centricity

Nearly a Third of Healthcare Organizations Still Aren’t Compliant with GDPR

  • June 21, 2018
  • Jonathan Catley
  • 3 Minute read

A recent study shows that many healthcare providers do not meet EU standards for data security, but the industry is working to [....]

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