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Headquartered in Waltham, MA, PatientCentra has one clear goal: advancing the field of clinical research by executing effective patient recruitment strategies for sponsors, and keeping the focus on the patient and their experience. We are made up of a team of compassionate, solution-minded, patient-centric, tech savvy and talented professionals with more than 70 years’ experience combined in clinical research including multiple Subject Matter Experts with over 20 years’ experience recruiting patients. We know patients, we know patient recruitment, we know digital and we know the value clinical research plays in discovering future cures for today’s unmet clinical needs. We are redefining patient recruitment one patient at a time.




Dan Stempel

Dan Stempel


ryan-18x180 (1)

Ryan Saghir

Vice President, Digital

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Nicholas Whitbeck

Program Director, Patient Recruitment


Jonathan Catley

Director, Sales & Marketing

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Stacia Wilson

Associate Director, Site Recruitment Support


Social Media & Clinical Trial Recruitment


This white paper explores the efficacy of social media advertising, Facebook in particular, as an engine for clinical trial recruitment. Learn how to leverage the platform’s advanced targeting capabilities and massive audience to improve enrollment outcomes while simultaneously reducing operational costs.



When you engage PatientCentra, we will put together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to making your patient recruitment program a success. A sample team structure may look something like the following:


Customer Testimonials


With the cost efficiencies PatientCentra drove, we ended up allotting nearly all of our budget to digital and kept our trial right on schedule.”

— Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory, Dermatology Sponsor Company


I have really enjoyed working with PatientCentra these last few years. I can't believe it's been 2 years for the digital piece.”

— Clinical Project Leader, "Top 5" Pharma Company


In a tough COPD study, PatientCentra helped generate 41 qualified patient referrals in our first 3 months, with at least a couple of enrolled patients and a definitive positive return on investment. ”

— Research Director, US Pulmonary Site


PatientCentra patient referrals were much higher quality than any other vendor that we have worked with.”

— Clinical Study Coordinator, US Endocrinology Site


The Study Team was impressed and appreciated PatientCentra's contributions to the trial.”

— Clinical Manager, "Top 5" Pharma Company


Patient Recruitment Insights

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies for clinical trial patient recruitment, with the focus on furthering the field of clinical research…